New Boyfriend Has ADHD

Hello all, I've been seeing this guy for about a month, and we've been exclusive a couple weeks. In the beginning I was blown away by the attention and sensitivity he showed towards me. Our connection felt otherworldly, it was like love at first sight, something I had never experienced before and was never expecting to find. He told me pretty much right from the start about his ADHD, in addition to depression, and I didn't give it much thought. I guess I was incredibly ignorant. My perception of ADD/ADHD was of the rambunctious child in the classroom who couldn't sit still. I couldn't fathom how it would affect our relationship, if at all. Fast forward to after we had consummated the relationship and it was like a switch had went off. He went from being so in tuned to being indifferent, distant. Communication dropped and I was devastated. I felt duped, bamboozled. Had Prince Charming been a lying, faking frog all this time just to get me in bed? How could someone who only the night before was drowning me in "I love yous" now treat me as if I didn't exist if it hadn't all been an act. So I figured that was that, cried my heart out, and prepared myself for never hearing from him again. Lo and behold, he contacted me. It was brief, cold, nonchalant. I was bewildered. He said matter of factly that he had been busy with work and asked if I wanted to hang out next week...I was honest with him and told him how upset I had been and he apologized. After doing some research, many a "boyfriend adhd" Google searches later, I realize that that initial explosion of attention was indeed hyper focus. I've been trying to be patient and understanding, but I'm a pretty insecure and needy person and when the communication is lacking or is more business-like and less romantic, I find myself wondering if it's really a symptom of the disorder or if he is really just over me. Sorry for the length of the post. I guess I would be interested in hearing others' opinions on how to make this relationship work. Tips, strategies. I've read about trying new things and that but what about in between seeing each other? Ideally I want to share my day and hear about his, to connect emotionally again. Is that unrealistic?