New Boyfriend, Mood-Swings, Isolated

I'm in a new relationship with a charming young man who has ADHD. Sometimes it's very close and loving between us. When he is stressed his mood can swing dramatically, and his manner turns cold, distant or hostile. The stark contrast hurts, and I'm frequently seeking affection and validation from him during these times, as I feel dismissed, alienated or taken for granted. Then when he becomes responsive again, I'm so happy to 'have him back' I seem to immerse myself in him and not do anything else. I think the ping-pong effect is bringing out a co-dependant dynamic in me as I look to have my wounds healed. I'm hyper-focussing on him you could say. I do my best to be gentle and understanding and to encourage him to open up, but we don't talk things through as much as I'd like, as I don't want to pressurise him to have emotional talks he finds it difficult. So I feel insecure, wondering when it's going to kick off again. I've stopped doing my usual activities - errands, hobbies, career-planning, keeping in touch with people. I feel pretty isolated, especially as I don't have friends or family I can confide in. Any thoughts welcome.