A new day

Today my kids had field day at their school.  At the crack of dawn, hours before they were to wake up I went out and got little accessories to go with their class t-shirts and hats to match.  Oh yeah and bought drinks for both of their classes.  When they woke up they were so happy with everything and obviously excited about the day.  

Some of you may be saying that's what normal people do all of the time.  Well I am an adhd dad who finally gets it.  While these were small steps, I totally understand the idea being involved and contributing to what is going on in the family.  My wife is still living behind the 50 ft brick wall but I did not do it for her or to get her to believe that I have changed.  I did it because I have wonderful kids and they deserved it.  I get it!!!  Whether she forgives and we can move on or not I get it... I can move on because at least I finally get why she is never happy and always frustrated.  Funny......she really does not know how to act now.  Oh well it is a new day.