New Diagnoses

My husband an I have been together for 7 years. It has been frustrating but I pushed through in hopes whatever was wrong would work out as he is amazing. Sometimes I couldn't believe things he would do. I would feel forgotten about, lied to, ignored. Then loved wholeheartedly like nothing happened. This week we discovered the problem is ADHD. I have such mixed emotions! A realease of the bitterness of the times I felt ignored. A letting go of all the wondering why I would get so confused. Feeling better about my standards and not feeling so out of line. But at the same time, a little hopeless that it will improve. I feel I need to stop hounding him to do things and do it all myself because it won't happen. And so discouraged about money. I thought that he just hadn't learned about it but now I worry he could never understand it. Money I a big problem. I am relieved and upset to have a diagnoses :(