New diagnosis

I finally went to get tested for ADHD a few months ago. Never could sit still, pay attention, read a book for pleasure and had problems with binge drinking. It never bothered me enough to do anything about it. My wife recently told me she was unhappy with our marriage, which i admit, i was totally oblivious to. She said we don't really communicate with each other. She also was fed up with the binge drinking, with the most recent episode ended up with me blacking out while peeing and waking up with my head through the wall. I started researching on why i binge drink and saw there was a connection with ADD. I got tested for ADHD through a psychologist and got positive results back along with anxiety. I have always hated being around groups of people, makes me really nervous and there is just too much going on to focus on. Long story short, i had to wait a few weeks from diagnosis til i could get a prescription from my family doc ( a long/anxious 2 weeks), but i took my first dose today (Concerta) and I think i feel like the fuzzy noise in my head is toning down a bit. I don't feel as jumpy and anxious. I'm hoping this is not just placebo affect and i will continue to progress. I think the worst thing about the ADHD for me, is not being able to sit down with my kids and play or read to them. I start to, but i always have to move on to something else. I never had much of a relationship with my father that i wish i could have had, probably because he has undiagnosed ADD and i want to be there for my kids and wife. Enough babbling. Would appreciate anyone else's feedback on their first experiences on meds and what to expect. Thanks, Jason