New to the diagnosis of ADHD

Hi! Recently my 9 year old son was diagnosed with ADD, inattentive type. As my husband and I were going through the array of questions I realized that our 13 year old son exhibits strong symptoms as well as my husband of 17 years! This revelation is both exciting and frightening. Currently, we are meeting with a Clinical Psychologist specializing in adult ADHD shortly after the new year while having our 13 year old evaluated and  starting the 9 year old on medication. I am feeling completely overwhelmed. Under better circumstances I would be able to rely on a husband for help with the children and their ADHD issues but when the spouse has the same issues (perhaps worse) I don't have anyone to count on to help make sense of the important information and tips. How can a parent with ADHD help their kids with ADHD be successful?? And how can I manage the treatment for all 3???  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!