New diagnosis/Coaching

Hi, my husband, age 35, has just last week been diagnosed and within a week or two will be put on medication, Ritalin we expect. We took over a pizza restaurant last year and the stress of that is probably what precipitated such extreme behaviour this past year...anger, irritability, gambling, lots of electronic toys, severe procrastination around home, etc, all the classic symptoms, it turns out. Obviously there aren't ingrained or habitual time management and goal oriented systems in his daily life, but this is something that we are in serious need of to run the restaurant and our lives more effeciently. He seems to think that beginning to be coached in these things would be too much to take on right away, being newly diagnosed and only beginning medication. I would like to see it begin as soon as possible but am looking for advice regarding this. We live in a fairly rural area of Atlantic Canada that doesn't have a great deal of support networks set up specifically for adult ADD, so would be looking for coaching systems that would be available online...any suggestions. I think it is important for him to have someone neutral other than myself to try to direct his progress...???