New to this Forum

Hi everyone

I wanted to introduce myself.

My name is Phillipa, I am 62, been married 42 (!) years to M.

Our son was diagnosed with ADHD at age 8 and has since (through treatment) become an incredible, high-functioning and happy adult.

Somehow we never got a formal diagnosis for M. although the signs were always there (inability to keep a job, distracted, no empathy, very argumentative, impuslive, blurts out inappropriate things, lies, hyper-focuses on computer...)

Anyway 2 years ago he did go and get a formal diagnosis which was of course confirmed as ADHD.

He is also being treated for anxiety and depression with Wellbutrin and goes to a therapist once a week.

He is not on medication for ADHD but is finally willing to consider it.

I am completely wiped out as his spouse and sometimes feel that I just don't care any more.

But I guess that is not true as here I am - reaching out to another support group!

Reading here helps a lot

Thanks, Phillipa