New to group. Seeking support

Hi.  I am new to the group. Married for 15 years 3 children together for 20.  All these years I thought my husband was being an a@@hole.  I finally asked him for a separation because I felt I was crazy.  Mostly because that what he told me.  Finally went to a therapist on my own and he followed suite.  Discovered he has ADD. I thought I can do this but do not think I can. This is all too much.  I feel like he got in an accident and is now a different person.  I find myself even getting angry at my therapist for telling me this is not his fault and I have to give him less responsibility.  I know it's a real problem but I'm not sure I can deal with this.  I applause all who do.  I am new to finding out this diagnosis and just here to see how other people deal with this situation. Prayers to all.