Hi everybody... Im new here and decided to post to get some feedback from others who REALLY understand what I am going through.  My husband was diagnosed with ADHD about 3 years ago when we were actually seperated.  He has been on and off medication the past two years and RARELY goes to counseling.  When he is off his medication it's only because we either cant afford it or because he forgot his appt.  He is taking Vyvanse 70 mg, and his new dr is having him take Zoloft also.  Anyways I am so drained lately.  I feel like all we do is argue!  Today we argued twice because he "feels" like I am never there for HIM.  I feel like all I am is there for him.  I feel like EVERYTHING is about him.  Am I wrong for feeling this way?  I just want and need a supportive husband who will take charge and make me feel safe.  I take care of the kids, bills, cleaning, our business.  So yes sometimes I am drained at the end of the night and I have a bad attitude but it is because I am taking care of everything that I thought was OUR responsibility.  He says I dont show him affection or act like I love him, and I feel like I dont even get a break to take a shower?  He could sit on the couch ALL day while I take care of the kids and run the business from home and he doesnt even notice how much I have on my plate because he cant handle it.  He tells me "Go on a ADHD website and read about it so you understand".  I just dont know how much longer I can GIVE and GIVE and GIVE without getting anything!  Sorry if it sounds like I am just complaining... I am so frustrated and feel so alone... Nobody I know understands our situation.