New here and I would like some help please?

I am from England so I hope it's ok for me to post here. Please help if you can. I did join an aspergers spouse's site but my husband is convinced he has ADHD and reading some of the posts on here, I think he may have. Are these 'symptom' you can all relate to and say for sure that he has ADHD.? Is sometimes so quiet and moody that I am scared to speak to him Sits on his computer 24/7 and even when we have guests (which isn't often) Is unable to look after our grandchildren properly, is easily distracted and dosn't seem to see that they are only small and cannot baby sit themselves. Is socially inept, and says that he spends hours thinking about what he will say to people in social situations and tries to work out what theyt will say to him. His mind is whirring away all the time and will only go to bed when he is convinced he will sleep straight away Is lazy and always puttings things off Unable to hold down a job for very long before he either takes time off or says something he shouldn't say and loses his job Blurts out inappropraite things to people and I can see them visibly wincing Has no friends, (but luckily I do) Refuses to support me in my hobby of singing. He will come along to a show and then dislike all the other people in it and the music. So I join something else and he does the same thing Has to put an alarm on his phone because he forgets what time it is if he has to be somewhere Seems to want the excitement of befriending women on line and also enjoys porn Has no empathy for other people I could go on. This all makes him sound awful, but when we first met he was sweet and attentive and nowadays he sometimes likes to arrange a surprise for me. He is generous to a fault and if I want something he goies out of his way to make sure I have it. He dosn't go out anywhere without me and is very good when things happen ,such as when I lost a job some time ago,he was very supportive. I just need to know that other people recognise their other halves in this, and that he does in fact have ADHD. Thanks for reading.