New Here, in a bit of a Crisis

Not married, but been living with girlfriend (6 years now), she was diagnosed with ADHD in her 30s, we both just turned 50.  Our house has always been chaotic mess with room- and hall-blocking clutter from all of her unfinished "projects". Seriously, the spare bedroom looks like an episode of "Hoarders".  She is treating (some days, she doesn't have insurance so hoards her pills and only takes on days they are most needed), Adderal or Vyvanse.  She sometimes sees county mental health people, but it typically is about ancillary anxiety and depression, not specifically the ADD.   She has been fired from numerous jobs in the past 6 years, always by frustrated bosses who don't get her process and can't deal with her loose relationship to time.  Most recently 6 weeks ago.  Well, she has decided to go into business for herself, which is a short-term financial nightmare for me, since I carry all the household bills, and she now won't even make her half of rent.   Here is the current crisis:  she did not sign a non-compete with her last boss, and has a contact list of about 125 clients from the last job.  I and most of her close friends have been pestering her for six weeks to send out promotional email to these clients.  She was up literally 30 hours, hyperfocused and working on the "perfect" promotional email for 13 hours straight on Wednesday night, involving me for at least 5 or 6 hours, and involving her sister and a close friend for hours as well, both overnight and while the three of us were at work yesterday.  She finally gave up short of clicking "send" on the email blast.  Wasn't "perfect" yet, and her anxiety about undercutting her old boss and about stepping forward as her own boss was playing a big part.   Long story short, this morning I went behind her back, cleaned up the formatting a bit, and sent the email blast out without her permission.  Has anyone here had to finish off a vital project for their spouse and gotten in hot water because of it?  I will at least be sleeping on the couch tonight, maybe in a motel I can't afford.  She won't do this stuff for herself, and won't let me do it for her.  Frustrated and guilty for having done this in secret.