New here - What am I doing wrong?

Hi everybody.  I am new here as I just found this site by googling a simple question... "Why does husband get upset when I ask questions?".  I honestly thought it was me or the tone I am using or perhaps the way I ask the question.  I am constantly walking on egg shells around him as I don't know what is going to set him off.  This morning I went out to warm up my car before work and when I re-entered the house, he asked me a simple question.  There was a news story about Joliet, Illinois and he asked me "Does anyone live in Joliet?".   I only asked him, Do you mean does anyone I know live in Joliet?   Ohhh boy!!!   Was that the wrong thing.   Within 5 minutes I was told "If you don't want to tell me, you don't have too.", "You are always snapping at me. Just keep at it if you want me to leave" , "Maybe you should just call the lawyer now and get a divorce if that will make you happier."   Wait!  What????  How the heck did this get so out of hand???   I am in tears as when I try to explain that I only was trying to understand what he was asking, he won't let me talk and donesn't want to listen anymore.

I am sure you all have heard many, many stories.  One minute he says I am the best thing that ever happened to him and with the drop of a hat, a wrong look or a wrong word, he thinks I don't care about him or I am ridiculing him. I am trying to be very supportive and even though there are things he does that I know could be done another way... I say nothing and let him do it his way as I don;t want to start another arguement. 

What in the world can I do?   I would never be able to suggest that he has ADD or ADHD.  I would love any suggestions as I want so much to make my wonderful husband happy 24/7 as he really deserves it.