New here...ADD and critical thinking skills.

Hello all,

I was diagnosed with ADD about 2 years ago after my wife urged me to see a therapist. We have been together for 20 years and the diagnosis gave her an "ah-ha" moment because in that moment she began to understand why I did the childish,crazy things, the lying, the hiding things, the needing someone to take care of me over the years. I have always been another child in the household and these things have driven her crazy. One of the biggest problems that I have is not being a freethinker, a critical thinker. I let other people do my thinking for me.(not so much anymore.) I would go with the flow so that I didn't cause any waves. 

I am currently seeing a therapist and attending a group meeting. I have been taking Strattera for the ADD and recently started taking Celexia for anxiety. I feel that some areas of my life are coming together but I still have major problems with critical thinking. It seems like once a day my wife asks"what were you thinking?" To which I reply that I really did not think about it, I would  just blurted something out. I did not learn several of the basic skills that kids learn growing up(I am 44). Has anyone else experienced the lack of critical thinking. If so, how did the behavior change, if at all? I am currently trying to read some articles that I found but reading reference materials and medical items is not one of the best things I do.

Thanks for listening(reading),