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Okay, so I really don't have time to be on the internet right now (because the world would stop breathing if I forgot to remind it to), and nothing upsets me more than people who spend hours on the internet when they have plenty of grownup things to do (okay, maybe a few things upset me more, but that's up there).  I have never felt such a pull to join an online community before, though, so I'd like to offer a big hello.  I just read ADHD and Marriage last night... couldn't put it down, though tears were streaming down my cheeks throughout most of it.  I'm sure I will vent further details eventually, but by way of introduction, I have been married for 15 years to a man who spent his childhood on Ritalin and ditched it (and a belief in ADHD) the first chance he got when he was out of school.  We have three daughters who I worry about every day, knowing that over the years I have inadvertantly taught them what it is "okay" to put up with in a marriage.  I almost feel like I have an obligation to leave, just so they have a better chance at healthy relationships in their own lives.  Yet -- here I am. 

We've had a very interesting past six months or so, and I was definitely ripe to run across this book (and community) when I did.