New prescriber doesn't think my husband has ADD!

As I've posted before, my husband lost his job and therefore, his insurance. I finally set him up to go to a county-run treatment center, which won't prescribe for ADD, because he was out of his anti-depressants. He's sleeping 12 hours a day, not looking for a new job, not doing anything in the house, etc. He had a bottle of ADD meds, but lost them!

The person they had him see is a Physician's Assistant, not a doctor. She thinks he doesn't have ADD at all, just depression. He seems like a textbook inattentive ADD case to me: distracted, loses things, wouldn't do the work in school, etc. How can people with the same training come to different conclusions? How can he get a good answer without insurance to have another evaluation? We don't have any place to get the SPECT studies, and have no money to travel.