new relationship with AdHd man

I am happy to find this forum. I have never written on one before, but I am a 52 yearold school teacher whose husband ran away with a 25 year old 4 years ago. I am quite certain, after a 29 year marriage, he had some psychological problems. That, however is another story.

I have been seeing another teacher for almost a year now, and I am astounded that he most certainly has a rather significant problem with ADHD. What is so amazing is that he is a special ed teacher (30 years), his 29 year old son is a special ed teacher, and many of his friends are teachers.

Is it possible that no one until me has ever been so sure that he has tis problem?

The problem is I really do love him. We have many things in common, and I would like to have a future with him, but I have two daughters, 25yrs and 22 yrs., and I have to consider their relationship with him, as well.

Is it possible for me to ask him if it has ever been mentioned to him before?

He has every symptom, and there is no doubt in my mind that his life would be improved immensely if he were to get some help.

He says I am the woman he has always hoped for, that I make his life better than it has ever been, but I am sure it is because I understand his ADHD, and I deal with him in an appropriate manner.

 I know that I cannot continue unless he can aknowledge this problem and learn to deal with it better.

The severe moods, inattention, forgetfulness, hyperfocusing, and the agony I see in him as every sense is overloaded on a daily basis makes me ache for him often.

Can someone please tell me how to approach this? His son? A friend? A professional?