New to this site

Hi everyone I am new to this site and just wanted to get some opinions after you read some of the stuff that I have been through.

I am 37 years old and have been married for 10 years we have a 9 year old daughter, I don't even know where to begin honestly, so I will just start by saying... I think I cannot go on any longer, my husband has a very short temper and if something doesn't go right for him it is always my fault and then the fight begins, I get called very mean names and I believe if you really love that person you would not be calling them names.  He always fights with me on the holiday so that he does not have to go to my family's house but the only person he is hurting is his young daughter.  I had surgery done a couple of months ago he dropped me off at the hospital with my mom and told me he was going to park the car in a garage only to get a phone call screaming that no garage would take his truck which I didn't believe there are tons of parking garages so he said he was going home and he wasn't joking either thank Goodness my mom was there with me he showed up again at the hospital 5 minutes before I got out of surgery, again just goes to show me he has no respect for me.  We went on a family vacation together and all we did was fight he wouldn't wake up to go for bfast with myself or his daughter I spent everyday of that vacation crying.

Also he has cheated on me and watches porn all the time but still wants sex from me he can call me a bitch one minute and the next minute he wants to get in my pants which is a total turn off for me.  Not only porn but I always see female escort services popping up on his computer.....grosses me out.

I had to bail him out of debt like 4 times in our marriage and it is only getting worse he steals my credit cards and takes cash advances out on them or he takes money from our checking account and doesn't tell me in less than 2 mths he withdrew 1,800 mind you he also works and makes a good salary, he never tells me what he is spending the money on.  It was last week when I went to the bank and they told me that my account was in the negative this is not the first time he has done this.  I sleep with my purse by myside and take it all over the house with me so he cannot go through it.

I can go on and on but I get tired of hearing myself, I think I am done...I am burnt toast.....

Oh and rarely helps around the house, and if he does he will start something and never finish my foyer is half painted for almost a year now

I need any advice I can get


Thank YOu