New User Keith

Hello everyone!  I am married to a lady (Kim) who I now understand struggles with ADHD/OCD related challenges.

She has only been able to hold jobs for about three months out of the last nine years. Her brother suggested I read the book "Scattered" by Gabor Mate which I did and I am now on Chapter 6 of the ADHD Effect on Marriage.

Thank you very much for your book, Melissa, I feel you have been reading my mail :-) 

I am looking for face to face ADHD support groups in the Rockford Illinois to Beloit Wisconsin area, but I understand that this website is a huge resource that I have barely scratched the surface of, so I am looking forward to doing that too.

I have recently met a pastor at a John Eldridge Men's Camp who is a counselor and I am looking forward to counseling sessions for myself with him starting this Saturday and will see if Kim will join me.

Many thanks again, Melissa for a promising resource!


Best regards