New worn out & confused


Although iam not married to my boyfriend ( who is 44yrs old ) i searched the web and discovered this web site and could relate to a lot off the posts so hope i can post here ?

I have had 3 yrs with him and its a rollercoaster ride which i seriously need to get off for my own health , i can be up there in the happy place for say 2 wks then he will pull the rug from beneath me with his tantrums & childish behaviour throwing his teddy in the corner if things dont go all his way or the way he wants !

There are countless examples but i will try to describe how he behaves and hope for some input on his behaviour

Talks none stop (fast) cannot listen to people when having a conversation he butts in an example off this was when he met a friend off mine recently and the three off us were sitting together i knew he was on hyper mode but i just sat back and watched , she was trying to speak and he started speaking over her she told him she wasnt finished so he said 'go on then ' and as soon as she resumed what she was saying he got up and walked away ! this happened 3 times within a space off 15 min this behaviour is what i normally see in social situations with him he is very overwhelming and comes across like he is only interested in what HE has to say & listning to him talk constantly also wears me out and i just want to crawl away to a quite place

i have been ill recently and i think its because iam worn out with his behaviour so decided on thursday i didnt want to see him as i just could not cope ( he moves about in bed all night too punching up his pillows going to the toilet tossing and turning , twitching etc ) so because i said ( in a nice way ) i will just stay at home alone because i dont feel great ( could not cope with his hyperness when feeling ill but did not want to say that to him for fear off hurting his feelings as he is sensative ) he went off in to hyper space sending me vile txts swearing and calling me all sorts this is typical off him , he has marched out of my house many times when told something that he does not want to hear & is very remoresfull the following day.

Iam struggling to work out if this man is just very selfish , self centred , aggresave , self absorbed , iresponsable , a bully etc or has he ADHD this is the confusing part for me because he really does have a heart off gold he is fun but the constant fun ( believe it or not ) is taking its toll on me

He is terrible with his finances , he seems to have no boundries & it comes across as ignorant and i have been embarrased on many ocasions.

I love him dearly but he is a loose cannon and i used to say unpredictable but now its all predictable ( to me anyway ) maybee not to others my friend with whom we had the social get together said to me that she was surprised that nobody had regognised that he needs medicated !

I do love him  but iam now at the stage where i have to consider my own health and life because for the past 3 yrs its all been about him in one way or another . me always making nice meals for us , i think he cooked once ! even all the discussions we have are about his behaviour my head is full off him and his problems


We discussed him going to the docs after one really bad episode off tantrums and he agreed that he would go , he has told me that he is waiting on an apointment but i think he is telling lies and just telling me this so that we can get back together ! he wants to move in with me and i wont let it happen because i could not cope

A recent arguement we had after the discusion about me thinking he should get an apointment at docs he started throwing this in my face ...'you cannot cope with my illness that fine' he uses everything to his advantage rather than fix it he will go on the defensive

I dont know what to do , keep helping him keep making everything about him or cut my losses and finish it now because if this is my future i dont think it will be good its a difficult situation for me as i do love him i dont mean to paint it all black and we do have some great times but it doesnt last long , i know relationships have there ups and downs and it cannot be rosy all the time but his behaviour is out off order.