Hi Everyone, 

I stumbled on this site as I was looking for information about emotional abuse in marriages. My husband has mentioned that he thinks he could have add, but when we talk about it, he feels like he's being blamed for the problems in our marriage.

Does anyone have advice on how to support someone during the initial stages of facing the reality of having add? I don't want him to feel like he is being blamed, but after reading many of the posts on this site, I can see that all of our problems could probably be helped if we could look at these issues through the lens of add.

I have to say that tears came to my eyes as I was reading the posts, the frustration I feel is finally explained and it is actually something that can be dealt with. I honestly feel like I'm going crazy sometimes, I don't know what to deal with first, the inconsistency with regards to raising our child, the mood swings, the procrastination, the half-finished jobs....I'm feeling like a nagging wife, but we've only been married 2 years.

I'll continue reading the posts, but any advice for a newbie like me would be greatly appreciated.