Newly Diagnosed and marriage in crisis!

About a month ago my wife told me she wasn't "in love with me" anymore. I had no idea things were so bad! It shattered my world. She said she still loved me and wanted to be my wife and was hopeful we coulD work through it.

The first week of rebuilding went great but then we had a falling out because of something I said. She misinterpreted my feelings and things went downhill.

I started to panic, telling her how much I loved her, texting her too much. Every blog and article I read said NOT to do these things and she even told me multiple times she needed space. It was like I knew what I was doing was wrong but I couldn't stop myself. It was like I was outside my body watching myself fail over and over and over all while watching her slip through my finger tips.

it wasn't until we were in couples counseling that he said to me, I think you have ADD. Im 34, I was stunned!! I'm a police Officer, I deal with mental health all the time! I had NO IDEA! I hit every checkbox for the symptoms.

I just finished reading the ADHD effect on marriage and I swear we could insert our marriage! 

My wife is so hopeless in being able to repair our marriage. She's convinced she can't get back to a place where she loves me. She's agreed to read the book but she hasn't acknowledged much of this new information. I think she thinks I'm using it as an excuse.

I'm anxious everyday because I don't know if it's the day she will say it's finally over.

Since finally knowing I feel like after years of counselling I'm finally on the right path! I was able To implement so techniques to help with my impulse Control to give my spouse space.

How do I stay positive in a crisis like this?? 

Please help.