Newly married and huge doubts

Me and my ADHD spouse have been married only a few months. He is currently taking medications for his ADHD and something to control his anger. We have had issues with ADHD before we got married and I had my doubts them too.  We fight all the time and though I wasn't the most mature, calm fighter in the beginning, I have improved. He is just plain rude. He tells me I'm lazy (I'm really not), he's called me names a husband shouldn't call his wife. Though he's never touched me, he tries to get me scared if him and I am when we fight. He blows up over the smallest things. I admit, I can sometimes try to be controlling around the house. Like the other day, he was cleaning and I was telling him how to clean (I know...not innocent) when he freaks out on me and yells at me to leave the room. I do and he proceeds to storm into the room I went to and says he is leaving the house.  He storms out and leaves our new puppy wondering the house. I assumed he had taken care of the dog and crated him. Basically, it was a obvious slap in the face to me not to. Also, our sex has decreased because I'm not interested. I'm assuming how he treats me leaves me with no desire. These blow outs happen usually once a week. They are really wearing on me and I'm wondering why we even got married. I'm a strong woman and independent, yet I feel like married someone I shouldn't have.  Our personalities are completely opposite.  Has anyone had similar issues and what did you do? I'm considering counseling.