Newlywed to a husband with ADD. Its like i'm drowning

OOOOOOOOOOH my goodness. So when I first met my husband and got to know his family, I learned he had ADD. Ok...I knew that just as much as if I went out on the street and told someone, "hey, I have ADD". They 'know' I have it...but before I married my husband I didnt really know ADD. And now, as newlyweds, it is quite a challenge for me. The constant forgetfulness of things that are very important to me, not paying attention when I am trying to explain something that truly is an issue for me, not being responsible as far as waking up for class or appointments, etc. Its driving me nuts. We have been married for five months. I often have quite a hard time differentiating between what is truly a result of the disorder and when he is just being trifling. I notice that when it comes to things he is interested in, he had no problem retaining any and all information associated with it, he keeps up with all that it entails, and doesn't miss a beat. This hurts the most probably because I realize that ADD people only really function 'normally' or productively with things that interest them the most. The fact that he has such a hard time being this attentive when it comes to me makes me feel like i'm just not as interesting or important to him as things like video games and sports. When I try to express my frustrations to him about being married to someone with ADD, he almost takes offense as if he is in TRUE denial of his behavior. He often makes references to "well i know I have a disorder, and sometimes I forget things.." he pretty much thinks that is his only problem. I have told him that I want him to seek help (medicine, therapy, etc.) to help with his symptoms, and as usual, he has promised that he would, but I have gotten no result. I have joined about 3 different online support groups for people with ADD family members and spouses. He has done nothing. This makes me feel extremely alone because...he doesnt understand what I'm going through. I dont know of any other friends of mine who have an ADD husband, so I dont even feel I have friends I can turn to. This gets very discouraging. When his symptoms show, I just get this depressed feeling like I'm trapped and theres nothing anyone can do to make it better. You know, when women are younger, I feel like they dream of this strong man who will be responsible and able to protect their families, lead positivity and maturity within the household, and protect you from (for example..) discrepancies in finances and secure the future of the family in every way leaving no stone unturned. I'm not saying my husband does none of that, but more often than not, I feel like I amlost have to raise him and it breaks my heart because I now realize that this is never going to end. The biggest reason my husband will never be able to relate to my pain is because when it comes to my flaws, he has a hope that I will one day be able to change. I do not have that peace. I now realize that these traits will never change, and I will forever be trapped in a world of hurt, frustration, and emotional solitude. I really need to know how what to do because lately, I have been feeling like im not too sure how long I will be able to live with this. I have the beleif that divorce is only justifiable for abuse and infidelity...but this disorder is truly wearing on my soul and patience. Someone please tell me you understand.