Nintendo Wii Fit: A way to get me exercising?

I've been diagnosed with ADD since I was in elementary school. I've taken Ritalin up until I was in 8th grade and the Doctor thought I had "grown out of it". Then things went downhill in High School, never really connected it with ADD, just laziness, lack of motivation and a loss of desire to aspire. This hit me pretty bad.. (why am I giving my whole history?)... Anyhow, my junior year of H.S. I went through counseling for my depression (because I pretty much slept through school, went home and slept at home, and didn't have a social life)... was given Welbutrin and I was encouraged to go biking (something I enjoyed doing in my early years of childhood as I would lose and find my way in the town as an adventure, that and I had wrecked a couple of cars making it a little costly for me to actually drive for my independence). So I made it a habit to go about 10 miles every couple of days... I really do believe the exercise had helped me. Since, H.S. I've not really done anything consistently as far as exercise though. I have a nice bike though, but I can never bring myself to ride it... not sure why. I worked out with a friend off and on for about 6 months (with a years subscription to the Gym... ouch for the wasted money) so I don't think a gym membership would be the answer, also considering it took about a total of three hours out of my days! I'm almost thirty, I'm not currently taking any prescribed medication... but beginning to think it might be a good idea... but I still enjoy video games occasionally (I try to limit my time on them)... so I have a Nintendo Wii, and I know the Wii Fit will be coming out this Summer. What it took me three paragraphs to actually say is... Does this thing look like a possible easy way to incorporate exercise into a short routine that can be done daily? Of'course, but I don't really trust myself to get it and then actually use it for as long as I need to use it (a lifetime). So what's an ADD guy to do? Anyhow, I've been reading Delivered from Distraction (about a chapter or so a day) and listening to Driven to Distraction... the experience has been eye opening, as I realize there's more effect of it on my adulthood than I realized before. Thankfully, I have a loving, patient and yet frustrated wife. I also have a job that is currently patient with me as well. But, with all things, I really need to improve on both of these fronts if I'm to really succeed at family life and work. What's more my lack of confidence plagues me in everything I do (or try to do)! Anyhow, I really should get back to work! Grrr... stupid distractions.