no common sense? bottom out?

This is my first time writing in. I am very anxious to hear back from others that may be fighting the same battle. What I have found more lately than ever before is that my husband had NO common sense. It was probably this way all along, but perhaps it didn;t bother me as much as it does now.What I am talking about it making the logical decision about anything. Sure it is mostly on the fly when he is in a hurry,but even when he has time to think about it he always makes it more difficult than it needs to be. It's the long way or the complicated way. I am very efficient and organized and I think logical so this clashes with me big time. 

My second thought is do they ever bottom out when theydecide they have had enough and want to get help? I have had it with trying over and over and not getting anywhere. I have done all I can do with literally no results. In fact, it is worse than ever. I try all the time and tell him that we need to have a balanced life, meaning he needs to quit working 3-4 hours late every night and come home so we can be together some time too..He jsut doesn;t get it. He chooses the job over me every time. He comes homw when I am going to bed. The only good part is it saves a fight.

Don't know what to do any more....