No Friends ?

I saw the email from Melissa and I think the studies are right. I have no close friends at all. And as a result of my ADD my wife has no close friends either. It took me a long time to realize how insensitive the things coming out of my mouth were and how they effected others. My wife lost friends and then didn't want me to meet any new friends for fear I would screw it up. I also was so focused on what mattered to me and spoke about it to my friends in conversation, looking back, I did all the talking and they did none so some friend I was! I see the same exact traits in my oldest daughter with ADD. She monopolizes every conversation with completely meaningless stuff when with her friends and never asks them about anything they are interested in. So she has virtually no friends either. Imagining going through grammar school and not getting invited to any birthday parties. Sad, but true, so she too will have no friends when she is older either. We are working with her on it, but it is tough.