No insurance, is there any help out there?

I am a sixty-year-old non-ADHD female who has been married almost thirty years to an ADHD man.  This was my second marriage and his first. He was diagnosed with ADHD and Social Anxiety disorder about four years ago.  A Therapist made this diagnosis, as we were unable to see a Psychiatrist who we could afford. As a result, he has never been prescribing any medication for his ADHD or his Anxiety disorder. We have never had medical insurance during our married life because of our lack of employment opportunities. (ie.  Education!)Is there anywhere we can obtain help other than Gov. or state assistance?
  I would love to tell you “our” story but quite truthfully, I am totally exhausted just thinking about it. All I can say is “ditto” to unemployment, under-employment, forgetfulness, uncompleted chores, my feelings of resentment and the weight of all the responsibilities only shoulders….well you all know the list.  Would like some ideas if anyone has them.