No middle ground

My husband was diagnosed with ADHD several years into our marriage.  I often feel lonely, ignored and frustrated with his moodiness.  He is either extremely up (child-like, hyper, annoying) or extremely angry and crabby.  There seldom is a middle ground and I find it very difficult to deal with.  I consider myself a very even keel person so it is tough for us to relate at times.  Any advice on how to help him stabilize moods? He is on medication.

same here

My husband is kind of the same, although lately it is more always anger and irritable.  He acts like he has the most miserable life ever and is very angry and yells at me and the kids all the time.  he is on medication and is supposed to be in counseling for anger management but when he goes that is not what he talks about, the therapist doesn't seem to be very good because she doesn't keep him on track.  he rambles on and on about senseless stuff.  But he also hasn't seen the therapist since Sept, poor follow through-he has ADD!  So I don't know what to tell you except he might need counseling too, he might also have depression (my husband does).  It's tough, at least it is for us, to find a good therapist that works with adults with ADD.