For the Non-ADD Spouses--"Contact" ADD?

Here's an odd question for the spouses: Have any of you "caught" some of your spouse's ADD behaviors?

When I first met my husband, I was self-sufficient, poised, on top of things, confident, organized, and capable. I wasn't perfect--there was (and is!) tons of room for improvement, and my stress level was pretty high--but I was doing well in my career, I wasn't frantic, I socialized often and successfully, etc.

While I was with my ADD husband, all of that melted away. Now, I observe myself and notice that I've "caught" some of his behavior patterns! I didn't use to let things go to the last minute, forget things, let things "slide" (and not in a good way!), and I can't always finish following through on the details (something I used to be *very* good at). I've been a detail-oriented person my whole life--except for the last few years! I catch myself doing ADD things, and have these "whoa--what???" moments.

It's like a contact high, and I'm *really* not enjoying this trip! I spoke with my therapist about this, and she said that she's heard of this happening, but I'd like to know if anyone here has experienced this first-hand. How long did it take you to get back to your "normal" once you noticed what was going on? I should reiterate that I'm separated from my husband, so I don't have his behavior here to reinforce these new habits.