NON ADHD children understanding an ADHD mom?

I have a different situation:  My first two children (previous marraige) have grown up most of their life with their (ADHD) step mom (my wife).  as now entering adulthood, they are having the same kinds of frustrations with her that a typical non ADHD partner/spouse would have.  How can I help them understand what ADHD is like?  its the same kind of understanding an non ADHD spouse would get from this site....but this isnt a spouse, its a PARENT that has ADHD. Any ideas or resources that would better help them with their frustrations?

Much needed support

I too have been looking for the affects of a PARENT with ADHD on raising children.  I am in a slightly different sons are 4 and 7...but their father's ADHD symptoms such as negativity, shame, mis-trust, shifting blame, etc...are showing up in my children as learned behaviors.  I am a family and child psychotherapist myself....and I can see the difference in how they act when he is away at work and only I am home....this is a different flavor than age-appropriate kid stuff.  They really don't know how to act around him and 9 out of 10 times they are crying when I come home after they have spent the day with their father.  Is there any information on how ADHD affects parenting skills?

if your children are nearing

if your children are nearing adulthood, I would think most ADHD books would help them understand.  Driven to Distraction, or Is it you, me or Adult ADD,  just understanding what ADHD is in general should help, and can be applied to children or adults in most cases. I have read at least a dozen books on it, and when I do I can see my husband, my children and my mom in the text.   As for younger children understanding thats harder, I have bought age appropriate books for my boys to understand THEIR ADHD but they do have a hard time understanding why their Dad does and says and acts the way he does, He is an adult and adults are not supposed to do what he does....hey I don't even get it sometimes.