Non ADHD partner trying to navigate social situations with ADHD husband that dominates conversations


I'm looking for support/ideas on how to navigate dealing with social situations with my husband  that frustrate me. My husband has ADHD and is medicated and open to help. I feel very lucky for that! In social settings(especially meeting new people) my husband talks a lot and interrupts quite a bit. This is hard for me. I'm a very good listener and in a group of 4, I feel I can't get a word in and I feel embarrassed that he does that. He is aware and really tries but I'm afraid I'm going to be the one needing to adjust. It's honestly our biggest struggle. He's so great about so many other things! He says he feels the need to get a thought out right away or he'll lose it. He's also pretty hyper/high energy but is such a warm person. I don't want this to affect our relationship or have new people judge him. I know I can't control that but I'm needing ways to cope because in this situation I almost freeze and then I get upset with him after and that's not fair. Thank you so much for any input! Laura