Non-ADHD Spouse

I am the ADHD husband. Had it my whole life. Even saw a psych when I was a kid. Parents took me trying to figure out why this and that. He never diagnosed it. Now I'm married with a beautiful wife, breast cancer survivor, and two wonderful children(one with ADHD). Would not trade any of them. When I first read the book, I was trying to figure out how I was being followed so well without me knowing it. I have all of the problems that the book describes. Right now I am in a serious funk. Changing meds to see if something works better and am looking for a new counselor, one that will focus on the ADHD. Current counselor talks about the problems I am having with my lady when the book shows that I still have issues with the ADHD. I know that I still have issues, but thought it was better controlled. Go figure. Read a book and realize that may not be the case. So why write all of this? One quote from my wife. "I think it's non existent. Because I think it's a reason just to do what you want to do, when you want top do it and how you want to do it."