Non Stop Talking in Marriage

My husband was diagnosed with ADHD as a child. When I met him (he's 30), he was taking big dosages of Ritalin, which made him act a bit detached and zomby-like. I noticed that when he wasn't on medication, he was still very focused, able to concentrate on details etc. I thought that he should not take the meds, and his doctor stopped prescribing them anyway. However, after a year and a half that we've been living in a small apartment and we both have jobs that can be mostly done from home, I realized that we talk all day long. He is initiating these conversations, and he's an interesting and compelling talker (he also mostly lets me talk almost as much as him in these conversations), and this, I felt, was great for our relationship for a long time (we got to know each other really well, we discuss everything, we bonded). But now, after a year and a half, I just want to sit and be quiet at some times during the day. I want to read, I want to think by myself, I feel like I want to go to a hotel, just so that I can have some space. When I mention this to him, it sounds horrible: "We talk too much, I need my space" etc. Who'd want to hear this from their spouse, no matter how much I say that I love him and that this is not a rejection? I don't want him to be like a zombie on ritalin, so that I can read, but on the other hand, I don't want to be the prisoner of our constant (even if very interesting) conversations. I feel horrible, because I love him and we do have very compatible personalities in other aspects (except this one, in which he wants to interact with people/me all the time, while I want to be by myself). I don't know what to do.