Is this normal for ADHD or he is just a jerk?

My boyfriend has ADHD and like everyone else, I had no idea until the sweet, attentive man I moved in with turned into the completely opposite. It's 4 years later and now he spends every single weekend going out with new "friends" he's made in the neighborhood. I am never invited. I've been told that I "get in the way" of him "making friends" If I walk up to the bar and he's there, he will literally leave. He stays out until 2, 3 even 4 in the morning. Every other weekend, he drinks until he vomits. I also suspect he may be snorting coke. But he just gets extremely angry when I try to discuss it with him.

When I tell him I am lonely, staying at home alone Friday and Saturday nights - he gets more angry or just ignores me and leaves the room.

Or that I'm worried that he might be doing illegal substances, he blows up at me. I feel like I am living with a resentful teenage son who literally rolls his eyes if I ask him where he's going or who he's with - he just ignores my text messages and calls. I am getting really fed up with feeling so alone, with being disrespected. I also don't want to deal with him if he's developing a substance abuse problem.

Is this normal ADHD behavior?