Not finishing projects, hoarding, and extreme frugality

I'm just here to vent; I know people on this forum understand the challenges of living with (or no longer living with) a person with ADHD, and I appreciate that very much.

It is taking me a long time to deal with the effects of my ex-husband's difficulty finishing things he started. Today's episode: I hired someone to remove and dispose of several large boards and pieces of lumber from a treehouse that ex built for our daughters several years ago.  He eventually disassembled the treehouse but then left all the pieces sitting out in the backyard. I threw away the pieces that I could handle and that fit into the garbage can but some were too big. I'm aggravated that ex left the stuff out in the yard and didn't dispose of it himself. He might have thought he would reuse the boards.  He definitely would think I'm wasting money by hiring someone to get rid of the stuff. 

That's all.