Not sure what to say about hiring a handyman

So... we're not even married yet, and I am trying to make sure we don't end up falling apart later when the courtship is over and the toilet breaks...  I can see how this will be challenging at times.  I'm a pragmatist and very linear in thinking, and he's... not.  

My sweetie can fix anything.  He's brilliant.  But I have already learned that, if he doesn't really enjoy it or isn't challenged by it, he will put it off and put it off... so I feel like my choices under the circumstances are (1) Leave repairs and projects undone, (2) Do them myself if I am able, or (3)  Hire someone.  Unfortunately, he gets offended at the mere suggestion of my doing it or hiring someone.  I'm not trying to be offensive.  I'm just trying to get work done on the house that needs to be done.  I've tried to explain to him that I know he doesn't want to do those things and that he has plenty of other things to worry about (although he is only working part time and I don't relate because I have two jobs and get a lot done at the house - sigh... need to accept him as he is...).  Once he's said he is going to do something he seems to think I should just wait for him to do it and not even suggest helping or getting help. 

For those of you who have been around this a while, how do I get things done without offending him?

Thank you!