Not sure whether spouse has undiagnosed ADD

I'm new to this site, and as I read posts, I kept thinking, yes, yes.  From Melissa's list of ADD-impacted marriages, I would think that my husband suffers from ADD.  He has read that & some of the posts and agrees.  It's important to me to understand, as I'm coming close to separation/divorce--total exhaustion of taking on all the responsibilities for both our lives.  We are in our late 60s and I just do not have the physical energy any more.  There do seem to be some ways in which he departs from the "norm": Thankfully, he is not financially irresponsible, though his oldest son is (late 40s from a previous marriage) and would borrow and not repay as much as he could get away with, if I didn't put my foot down.  (I seem to be both the father and mother in this marriage).  I think my spouse is very honest.  If asked a question directly, he will reply honestly.  If I am not direct, he can be quite evasive.   Secondly, he is extremely introverted (I've searched the site for this subject, but all the 'introverted' people seems to be non-ADD spouses).  We have no friends as a couple, nor does he have any friends himself .  I am introverted rather than extroverted (INFJ for Myers-Briggs fans), but need and enjoy time spent with good friends.  Spouse happily spends 24/7 (other than irregular sleep & some chores) on his computer. I was feeling so lonely and isolated since I retired that I've reactivated friendships with women and am trying to make new ones (looking after myself). Spouse encourages this.  When I get home after a pleasant evening out with a friend, I feel so good--it's so good to have someone to talk to, laugh with, but I no longer feel married--whatever that means.  I wish my possibly ADD-afflicted husband had some of the 'fun-loving' attitudes that seem to be the 'norm'.  I'm tired of trying to arrange 'dates' where I get to do the work, suggest places, buy tickets, make sure we get there on time etc--it's easier to go out with friends.  Also my friends are interested in me and vice versa, whereas spouse is not really interested in other people at all, and makes no secret of it.  We have tried marriage counselling:  #1 made things worse by directing all conversation to me (like my spouse wasn't in the room), and #2 helped by teaching us 'dialogue' method which we still sometimes use for communicating.  No 2 also wondered aloud whether spouse had a neurological problem, as some part of his body was always twitching.  Anyway, any feedback would be much appreciated.