Nothing is ever finished

There's a lot of back story here, but this weekend I took the kids to my friends house 8 hours away so that my husband could finish some projects left over from a disastrous professional remodel that was left unfinished 3 years and $80,000 ago. He had 4 days to paint the kitchen and some trimwork, build a railing for the back porch, and scrub and seal the kitchen floor. That was all I was expecting him to do, but we discussed a few other small things he could do. I figured that he'd have a hard time with the porch railing so I didn't expect him to more than that. Now, my mom had already primed most of the kitchen except for the ceiling and knowing that my husband finishes nothing, I primed and put one coat of paint on the trim. We had this planned for at least a month since he was taking the time off work. Shortly before I left I noticed that he had scheduled his band to play a show the weekend we were leaving. I told him I was concerned that I was going to a lot of effort to give him time to finish this stuff and he was going to do other stuff. He acted like I was unreasonable. Friday I called him and he was at band practice. He posted a ton of stuff on Facebook on Saturday. I got worried and texted asking if he was getting a lot accomplished and he just replied "yes." Sunday he told me he lost his phone so I knew he was drunk the day before and wasn't going to get anything finished. When he finally found it Sunday night, I asked him to let me know what to expect when I got home, because I was worried. He flipped out because he had worked really hard and nothing was good enough for me. I asked him again if he finished anything and he said that he had run out of primer and didn't paint the kitchen ceiling. When I got home, he had put the last coat of paint on the outside of the pantry doors. Not the inside, not the trim. He did paint the trim around the kitchen door and the door itself. He did not put the second coat on any of the other trim. He painted the kitchen walls, but not where we may put a backsplash. So he basically painted the wall at the top of the cabinets. He didn't touch the porch railing. He decided to seal the concrete on the patio instead, but didn't have enough supplies to finish it. Instead he painted the hallway, but only one coat because he wanted to know what I thought of it first. And he touched up some unfinished places in the hallway, but not all. I'm furious. He didn't finish anything. But he says he worked really hard and I'm unreasonable so I can't be mad. Oh, and he's going out of town for work for a week today so this will never be finished. What do I do?