Now what?!

My husband just started Ritalin, yesterday. I am mortified, afraid, angry, and trying to decide if I should hang in there. It's been such an uphill battle. He is the life of the party among our friends whereas I'm the old shoe. We're not even forty!!!! And I keep thinking, "Is it gonna get better?" "Am I gonna be ok with the 'what-ifs'?" I just don't know what to do. And feel worried that it's going to take a long time for him to get it together. I'd rather be on my own, knowing that I can take care of me and my son. But I also know that he's trying. That he listened to his own voice stating that something is wrong; he found a therapist/psychiatrist and voila, classic diagnosis of ADHD. So why don't I feel ok?  Vmama

Re: Now what?

I would maybe start by getting and reading Melissa's book and then read the anger book "the dance of anger" they are talking about on here... I am still pushing through it trying to figure out how to do it? And then take it day by day. I'm glad he see's and has taken the steps immediately to try to work it out instead of a pill for 10 years and no work... Your guy may just happen to one of the few who is willing to work with it and succeed.