Now who could have seen that coming? Oh, yeah, I did!

Both of our kids were really,really pressing to get guinea pigs.  I kept saying no because they have not been responsible and we (I) would end up taking care of them.  My wife kept saying that our 16 year old son was getting better and we should let him try.

Now, our son failed all classes except gym in the final quarter.  Thankfully, he passed for the year.  He has decided he is "nocturnal" and does not get out of bed all day.  He keeps saying he will do things and then does not do them.  "Dad, i am out of clothes."  "I have been telling you to move your laundry from the washing machine into the dryer."

Guess what?  He decided he does not want guinea pigs after all!

My wife has rewritten this into me being on board with him getting them, not me being pressured into agreeing.  No, "Gee, I guess you were right."

Part of my giving in was that she would promise to be the one to take care of them so I would not have too.  We'll see where that goes, especially given that she does not remember pressuring me into agreeing.

BTW, I have always been the one to clean the kids' fish tanks.  The fish would be long dead without me.