Does this seem par for the course for ADHD?  Yesterday, I put my husband's garbage (fast food wrappers, old receipts) that he had left in the car onto the passenger seat, so that he would be sure to see it when he got in the car when I picked him up from his job.  Well, mission not accomplished, because not only did he not seem to see the wrappers and receipts  but also he sat on them and then left them on the seat when he got out of the car at home.  

I kind of get "out of sight, out of mind," but "under butt, out of mind"?  



This is "don't sweat the small stuff" taken to extreme.  My DH only puts $5 gas in his car tank at a time because his car is so stuffed full of "equipment" that he says the car would "drag on the road" if he filled it with more gas....so heavily laden. So, He drives to the city 40-60 miles away most days (sometimes 200 miles in a day - so he says) and fills up with $5 all along the way so that he doesn't "overload" the car with WEIGHT!  There is no place for me to sit in the passenger seat and it is dirty and messy, so we always use my car.  He says that I COULD sit there in his passenger seat because the weight of a passenger would be in the front and not the back so the car wouldn't drag on the road then if it were just me rather than the extra weight in the gas tank toward the back.  ???   There is a "big picture" that cannot be seen through the little minutia where he focuses. Guys, does this make sense or not?