Hello all, neurotypical wife (except for the ADHD spouse induced anxiety :/) married 23 years to husband. I want to ask, does anything help the obliviousness? My husband takes Strattera and an antidepressant. I don't think the Strattera helps. We have 6 children, three of them adopted through fostering. I work full time, and do 99% of things around the home. My husband just rarely seems to notice anything, or realize something needs to be done. Something is broken, it stays that way. Something is a mess, it stays that way. Unless he has a specific chore to do that HAS to be done at a specific time, nothing else is initiated. He does not take ownership for anything going on with the kids or myself, the house or the pets. He just assumes I will do it all. How can this be helped? Can it be helped? I am so exhaused from juggling everything. I saw a quote recently in an article that said "I need a partner with equal initiative" that really resonated with me. THIS! Does this ever get better? I have seriously considered going on "strike" just to see if he would realize how severe his ADHD is. I have tried so many ways to tell him that I am struggling and something needs to change, but it never does. I have become a person I never thought I would be, and I miss the old me.