Just got the book today and saw the percentage in it.... 24-35%. Oh my, was my first thought, as though I worked in special ed for nearly ten years, I had thought it was actually more rare than this as a coexisting condition. I also thought it very related to criminal behavior.

I have suspected ODD with my stepson, but been afraid to actually bring it up with my husband.

Moreover, my husband does all the same stuff the boy does.

I've read a few articles about this recently and got nervous quite frankly. My main thought being, oh Jesus, tell me there's not something else, too.

I guess I assumed my husband's behaviors were hopefully all ADHD related.

Sometimes it's like super bizarre stuff. He seems to interpret normal back n forth communication as a confrontation, which the boy does too.

An antidepressant did help the wild outburst experiences where he'd do things like throw stuff.

It's literally like a spouse perceiving you as the enemy. When we first went to counseling I was really wowed by this realization.

I'd like to hear from any spouses who have actually seen this in an adult. What does it look like, day to day?


yes I've experienced this also,but first let me tell you what I've learnt recently,I was watching a video on utube,, and it was by "Russell Barkley" and in the video he was explaining that ADHD is the first,and the follow up of it in "some" cases is ODD,and a next also,I am very scared of that,The ADHD is already toooo much and now ODD,he even went as far to say that having both ADHD and ODD is far times worse than just ADHD let alone,that one scared the crap out of me altogether,,,I at once would talk to my husband about certain issues I would be having to find comfort from him, at first,that was way before I knew he had ADHD/ODD and then he would start a fight with me almost right away, getting offended and the subject was not even about"him" and I was confused, very confused,then he would start getting angry just like that,for no reason and I still could not understand,That's how I found out he was ADHD/ODD I started to research his behaviors,but it was too late for me at the time to run run run .,,,I already had developed a huge amount of love for him,worse case scenario.