Just got the book today and saw the percentage in it.... 24-35%. Oh my, was my first thought, as though I worked in special ed for nearly ten years, I had thought it was actually more rare than this as a coexisting condition. I also thought it very related to criminal behavior.

I have suspected ODD with my stepson, but been afraid to actually bring it up with my husband.

Moreover, my husband does all the same stuff the boy does.

I've read a few articles about this recently and got nervous quite frankly. My main thought being, oh Jesus, tell me there's not something else, too.

I guess I assumed my husband's behaviors were hopefully all ADHD related.

Sometimes it's like super bizarre stuff. He seems to interpret normal back n forth communication as a confrontation, which the boy does too.

An antidepressant did help the wild outburst experiences where he'd do things like throw stuff.

It's literally like a spouse perceiving you as the enemy. When we first went to counseling I was really wowed by this realization.

I'd like to hear from any spouses who have actually seen this in an adult. What does it look like, day to day?