Oh and YOU'RE put out by what I did? Let me tell you what I'M put out by!

We went out this past Saturday. We went to the zoo and then to a bar for a few hours. We got home about 9:30 and I immediately just wanted to go to bed. H is of course drunk even though he seemed fine most of the ride home. We go zipping past our driveway and before I can ask H where we are going he pulls on the emergency brake and does a 180° turn in the middle of the road right in front of our neighbors who are outside in their driveway. He thinks he is oh-so-cool and I just want to crawl under the seat. Then we get inside and he immediately takes his guitar out into the garage and plugs it into the amp and turns it all the way up and starts rocking out! It is 9:30! Our neighbor did the same thing at 9PM but much more softly a few weeks earlier and H couldn't shut up about it being 9PM and why the hell is he playing that late at night. He then finds me in bed and wants to have sex. I tell him I'm tired and I don't want to. OMG wrong thing to say! He lays there fuming and sighing. He gets up and goes out into the living room for 1/2 hour. I go out and see if he is okay and he gives me the cold shoulder. He comes back and sits up and reads in bed and is just deeply sighing. Yes I get it..you're pissed that I turned you down for once in my life! All night he sleeps as far away form me as possible and doesn't touch me.

The next morning I say "You were pretty mad at me last night, huh?" He goes "Yeah I was a little put off by it". Oh you were huh? So you are expecting me to apologize to you? Forget it! You want to play this game? Okay then, let me tell you what I'm "put off" by! I'm "put off" at the fact that I have to pay every bill every month without hardly any help from you because you decide you don't want to work for days/weeks at a time and feel I should be okay with that. I have to pay AT LEAST an extra $1200/month to cover your share. I'm "put off" by the fact on some days you do leave the house on time but don't go to work and instead go have breakfast somewhere waiting for me to leave and then come home and act like you were at work the whole day. I'm "put off" by the fact that that morning you had the nerve to ask me to give you $200 to cover your credit card payments and loan payments. I didn't tell him any of this but I wanted to.

So it's perfectly fine for him to get mad and expect an apology over that, but I've been paying bills and giving him money for years and I should be perfectly content with that?