oh the illogic

So once again the illogical nature of the ADHD brain shows itself.  My 17 YO old son is in a weekend waterpolo tournament at a high school about 45 minutes away in no traffic.  Last night DH drove out to the tourney at 5pm (cannot imagine what the traffic was like) even though our son was not playing in the games last night, which we knew ahead of time, Dear Son just has to be there to support his team. The tourney continues today and today our son will play in a few of the games through out the day.  I am not going because I cannot sit in a hot pool all day waiting for the 45 seconds Dear Son will be wet.  So I ask DH if he is going and he says no there is no reason to sit there if our son is not playing.  Um....that is what you did last night???  So weird.