Okay guys mark my words

Okay everyone--I need you to do me a favor.  The last three jobs my husband held lasted for three years--the most recent one, almost three years to the day.  So my husband was fired on December 29 and started a new job on Monday March 12.  I have put an alert in my calendar for 3 years from now to see if he is still employed at this same job.  Remember this--if we are all still here in three years, remind me.  DH has only been at the job two days and he came home the first day and made the whole "the last guy who held this position was a train wreck" so that goodness they hired him.  It's the same speech every time--it is truly amazing the amount of companies in my husband's industry that are on the very brink of collapse when he comes on board.  It is just stunning that companies keep running with the amount of incompetent people they have working for them.  And my DH, with his spotty work history and terrible grasp of anything financial, is the only person that can clean up the messes from the last person and make all things right again.  

So mark your calendars for three years from March 12 and we'll see if he is still at this same job.