One step forward....10 steps back

I don't know what to believe anymore!!!  DH told me that the doctor took him off his meds and that he has an appointment next Monday (I am guessing there is no appointment).  Now I find out that he is telling others that he took himself off the meds and that he stopped seeing the counselor too and that he doesn't need any help, "If it ain't broke...dont fix it".  He is blaming me for everything (told them that he is done with it all and if I don't like him the way he is I can leave) and told one of our friends that if I saw him "kill an ant" I would tell him he needed therapy.  Then there are the wonderful friends that are telling him they like him better off the meds and that he doesn't need them......they don't live with him!!!!  They told him he is to "glazed over" when he takes them.  He did all this in a very public manner, so I heard all of it!!! 

He has another friend that is soooooo not a good influence and has tried to split us up in the past.  This wonderful person (inject sarcasm) wants him to go overseas to work on a base in a freaking war zone!!  He is ready to give up college and following his dream to go over there.  This guy has him convinced it will fix all his problems cause he will be making "loads of cash", cause you know money will fix everything......

I'm at work and this is literally making me sick to my stomach!  Everything was going so well and he was really making some positive changes and now I feel like we just fell into a time warp that took us back a year.  I know I cant "make" him go to counseling or take the meds but how do I get him to realize that they spend 10 hours a week with him and don't see the "big picture", while we spend the rest of the time with him and can see where it was really helping.  Advice? Ideas?