open relationships, long distance realtionships and hyperfocus

I am going to try and keep this short.

I am 58 male and recently become aware that i have adhd. I have an appointment in late April with a psychologist to look at treatment options.

I have become aware of this because I have been in a long distance relationship,with diagnosed ADHD, that has affected in such a deep way, that my emotions have been out of control. TOTALLY.

I was the very happy recipient of hyper focus for 3 months and now it has been withdrawn. yup and after reading I know im not the only one lol. And my course has followed the course of everyone else.

So, even tho his behavior screams disinterest, (eg me always contacting him) His words tell a different story. Although the language has moved from "i love you, i love you, i love you" to "lets be friends with benefits".....which i am perfectly ok with. He still says he wants me as part of his life but wants to pursue another interest and is short of time. He also will not commit to a weekly Skype date.

So, the questions I have are:.

1. Will I be missed if withdraw for a week, as "the no contact rule" recommends. I have been texting him daily and he has said he does not find it a burden.


2. should i keep in his mind via text, so i am not forgotten.

and 3' I know he his hyperfocusing on someone else. he has told me. That's cool with me. But how long can i expect that sort of focus to last? Boredom has to settle in sooner or later>lol.

I would be thankful for any add/adhd people that can advise me. Cuase i need help. Becuase now i am hyperfocusing on this and its driving me nuts.