Organizing Finances

Hi everybody, I need some advice about financial organization. Both my husband and I have been diagnosed with ADHD, which means that we both procrastinate mightily when it comes to paying bills and doing other financial stuff. It's incredibly frustrating to make the same mistake over and over and over, not to mention expensive as I have to pay late fees that I wouldn't have to if I'd paid the darn bill on time. Of the two of us, I'm less inclined to chaos, so I do most of this household organizational stuff. Some works well, as stuff around kids, cooking and scheduling is in an area of hyperfocus. But the finances are just awful. I need some sort of advice, or financial advisor who knows how to work with ADHD people, to give me an simple way to organize and deal with things. We are also trying to figure out very basic things such as how much we spend in certain areas, so that we can create a budget. But that, too, fizzles out. Any ideas?